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Kafka Clients 101

In this post, we will look at packages to build a real time notification system for GraphSpace. GraphSpace is built in Django. The requirements for our system are
  • Decoupled from the main app ,i.e, should be non-blocking
  • Use Apache Kafka as the message queue system
  • Follow a producer-consumer architecture with broker, Kafka
  • Able to handle different types of notification: Group, Owner and Watching
The above requirements can be satisfied if we have a package that can connect to Kafka, have an ability to handle different types of notification and is non-blocking. To handle different type of notifications we can have producers and consumers send and receive messages with different topics. So the package we need should be able to dynamically do so. Instead of having say 10 producers for 10 topics and establishing 10 connections to Kafka, it is better we have 1 producer which can send messages with 10 different topics. Similarly 1 consumer should be able to subscribe to 10 different topics. By making the calls asynchronous and running in a different thread, we can make our app non-blocking. The following are packages which satisfy at least 1 requirement.


The following is a list of packages/techniques we can use to develop a real-time notification system for Graphspace. These include a brief description and the merit and demerits of these packages/techniques.


Python client for the Apache Kafka distributed stream processing system. kafka-python is designed to function much like the official java client, with a sprinkling of pythonic interfaces (e.g., consumer iterators). This is the slowest and most mature client in this list. We can have 1 producer to send messages to different topics and have 1 consumer subscribed to a list of topics. Having 1 consumer listen to multiple topics helps us in using the same message handling code for different type of notification. PS : I love modular code. This being a mature client finding answers to problems is comparitively easy.
Support: Kafka >= 0.9 (backward compatible with v0.8)


A high level and low-level producer-consumer client for Apache Kafka in Python. The major issue with PyKafka is lack of multi-topic support. We have to create different consumers and producers for different topics. This makes it difficult to have dynamically created topics. This will be a requirement in the notification system for GraphSpace as we explore more complicated notifications. This package is faster than the well known kafka-python.
Support: Kafka >= 0.8.2


A high-level producer and consumer client for Apache Kafka in Python. This is a lightweight wrapper around librdkafka. Hence its incredibly fast. Although it is the newest package in this list, it has support from Confluent. The consumer can be subscribed to more than one topic and producer can send messages to more than one topic. I like this one.
Support: Kafka 0.9

Performance test by Activision Game Science for the above three tools are as follows

Producer performance


Consumer performance

confluent_kafka_consumer 3.825439 24.929801 261407.908007
pykafka_consumer 29.431728 3.240293 33976.938217
pykafka_consumer_rdkafka 6.086001 15.669966 164311.503412
python_kafka_consumer 26.547753 3.592298 37667.971237


An asyncio client for Kafka. This package is based on kafka-python. All the consumer and producer functions are asynchronous. So we do not have to handle multi-threading. Asyncio is a Python 3 package and hence we cannot use it. GraphSpace supports Python 2.7.10. 
Support: Kafka 0.10


The approach that I have planned is similar to the figure given below, using Apache Kafka instead of RabbitMQ. We will also not be using Tornado server.
The package I have decided to use is confluent-kafka-python (because I love speed). I will be creating a different app in Django for the notification system. The consumer will be running on a parallel thread. I will be writing a decorator as given in this StackOverflow answer. The main application is the producer and the notification system is the consumer.


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